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At Real Homes, we redefine excellence in home services. With a commitment to quality, we offer a diverse range of solutions, from meticulous cleaning to expert roofing, electrical, carpentry,painting and plumber services. Based in Trivandrum, our skilled team transforms houses into homes, ensuring customer satisfaction and lasting impressions.

Professional and Expert Contractor

“Your Expert House Improvement Contractors. With precision and skill, our team delivers top-tier services, encompassing cleaning, roofing, electrical, carpentry, painting and plumber near you. Elevate your space with our professional touch. Based in Trivandrum, we redefine excellence in home improvement.”

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Our Core Values

At the heart of our operations are three core values: Excellence, Integrity, and Customer Satisfaction. We uphold these principles in every project, ensuring quality, honesty, and client contentment guide our approach.

“Enjoy the convenience of a flexible schedule with us. Tailored to your needs, our services accommodate your lifestyle, ensuring seamless and stress-free experiences at your convenience.”

“Discover budget-friendly solutions with our affordable packages. We prioritize cost-effectiveness without compromising quality, ensuring you receive exceptional services tailored to your needs while maintaining affordability.”

“Build on trust with us. Our commitment to reliability, transparency, and integrity forms the foundation of every project. Choose a partnership founded on trust for your home improvement needs.”

35+ Years Experience in House Cleaning Services

“At Real Home Services, our mission is to redefine home improvement by delivering exceptional services that elevate living spaces. We strive to surpass expectations, ensuring customer satisfaction and creating lasting impressions. Through unwavering commitment to quality, integrity, and innovation, we aim to transform houses into homes, enhancing the lives of our clients one project at a time.

At Real Home Services, our vision is to be the foremost provider of innovative and sustainable home improvement solutions. We aspire to set industry standards, exceeding customer expectations and creating spaces that inspire comfort and joy. Through continuous growth and excellence, we envision becoming the go-to name for transformative living experiences.